Wedding Venue in Axminster

Wedding Venue near Axminster in Devon 

Axminster is a delightful Devon town which is only 15 miles from Lakeview Manor, Devon's  best  known wedding venue near Axminster

Axminster is a market town built in an elevated position overlooking the River Axe. The market is held every week on Wednesdays and has been a centre of interest within the locality for hundreds of years since 1210

The town has become famous for high quality carpets which bear the  name of Axminster Carpets.

The town of Axminster dates back to about 300n BC and there is evidence of a Roman fort just south of the town. Axminster was mentioned in the Domesday book when it was known as Aixeministra which meant Monastry by the River Axe

Well known in previous centuries as a coaching town between London and Exeter  there are still many Public Houses in Axminster some of which dateback to the sixteenth century

During the battle of Trafalgar the town of Axminster was on the path of what was known as the "Trafalgar Way" which was the route which horses carried despatches with news of the Battle of Trafalgar between Falmouth and London

Axminster became a central transport hub when the railways opened up in 1860 offering direct links to  Exeter and Yeovil

Axminster is within a thirty minute drive of Lakeview Manor and so has become a favourite place for couples from Axminster getting married in Devon to use as a Wedding Venue. As an Axminster wedding venue the journey is so short that it makes a logical choice as a Devon wedding venue because Lakeview Manor is more central within Devon and so easier for wedding guests to travel to from any part of Devon or from outside the county.

  For an  Axminster Wedding venue Lakeview Manor is certainly close enough and  this had been proven  by the many coupes getting married in Devon who live in Axminster

Lakeview Manor has nearly  50  acres of beautiful  private parkland and gardens as well as its own lake which provides a superb backdrop for wedding photographs, and is possibly one of the most attractive Axminster wedding venues .




 The Lakeview Manor has everything needed to offer any couple looking for an Axminster wedding venue   

Why not come to Lakeview Manor and visit the restaurant, gardens and lake. If you wish you may like to phone our  full time  wedding coordinator on 01404 891358 to  find out more what Lakeview can offer you as  wedding venue for your special day.