Wedding Venue in Crediton

Wedding Venue near Crediton in Devon 

Crediton is a Devon town with a population of nearly 7000 and is about seven miles from Exter near the River Creedy

At the time the Domesday Book was written much of the land was still forest or uncultivated and so although a very small community it gradually became wealthy as a farming area. During the middle ages the area was a prosperous sheep farming area and was an important part of the wool trade  

The main church of the town is Crediton Parish Church known as Holy Cross. The history of Crediton Church can be traced back to the early tenth century and there is some evidence that it can even be traced back as far as the year 500 AD. The town is

In the Bodleian Library there is  a charter written after the Norman Conquest granting the land to the bishop of Sherborne to create a monastery. The initial church would have been built in Saxon times and like all churches of that era have been built in wood and so none of it has survived

For couples in Devon who are getting married and live in Crediton they will find that Lakeview Manor will make an ideal wedding venue for them. Within easy reach and centrally located its an ideal location for any wedding venue in Devon.

Lakeview Manor has over 45 acres of private parkland as well as its own lake and so has ample space for wedding guests to enjoy this wonderful Devon countryside. The lakeside and private parkland make a superb backdrop for wedding photographs that will always be cherished  

Lakeview Manor is only 30 miles from the town of Crediton and is situated in an easy position for guests to join the wedding venue from all over Devon and beyond. 


If you live in Crediton and are planning to get married why not come to Lakeview Manor and visit the restaurant, gardens and lake?  If you wish you may like to phone our  full time  wedding coordinator on 01404 891358 to  find out of what Lakeview can offer you as  a wedding venue for your wedding or reception