Wedding Venue in Okehampton

Wedding Venue near Okehampton in Devon 

Okehampton is a town within Devon with a population of about 5800 residents. Archaeological evidence suggests the town was settled by the Saxons  and their is documents writing about the town dating from 980 AD when the town was known as Ocmuntune which means a river flowing through the town

During the middle ages the town became a major part of the wool trade, largely encouraged by the ease and abundance of sheep farming in the area. Sheep have always grown well on Devon farms and be a major part of all Devon's economy.

There is a 15th Century Chapel in the centre of the  town and is built of medieval granite. There are various additions which have been added over the centuries including a unique Tudor woodwork and pulpit which has been dated to the year 1662. There is also a clock tower which has been restored

In the Domesday book the town is mentioned as being owned Baldwin FitzGilbert whose decedents built Okehampton Castle which was the largest castle in Devon. The castle was built in the late eleventh century as  motte and keep and converted in to a large residence in the 14th Century by Hugh Coutney who was the Earl of Devon at that time. During the reign of Henry VIII the castle fell in to ruin as the owners were persecuted by the King. Today all that remains is the ruins of the castle at the top of the hill in some of the most attractive Devon countryside  

Okehampton is only seventeen miles from the Lakeview Manors wedding venue . And so Lakeview Manor  is an ideal venue for couples getting married in Devon who live in Okehampton


Lakeview Manor has superb facilities as a Wedding Venue for anything up to 150 guests within its superb conservatory which looks out over the beautiful private grounds. With over 45 acres of private parkland and its own lake Lakeview Manor offers one of the most attractive wedding venues with reach of Okehampton

Why not phone Lakeview Manor or perhaps come to the restaurant to sample the superb food and explore the 45 acres of private grounds . If you live in Okehampton  and are planning to get married why not phone our  full time  wedding coordinator on 01404 891358 to  find out of what Lakeview can offer you as  a wedding venue for your wedding or reception