Otterton Wedding Venue in Devon

Wedding Venue near Otterton in Devon 

Otterton is a village in East Devon with a population of about 700 inhabitants. The size of the village has barely changed with a population increase of less than one hundred people in the last hundred years

The village is situated on the eastern banks of the River Otter from where it got its name. Archaeological evidence indicates that the area was first settled in Saxon times because of the favourable location by the river and rich natural resources. Its believed that by 1000 AD it was a major trading centre within Devon

A major advantage for the village was in 1897 the Budleigh Salterton Railway was opened although it has since been closed in 1967 by the Beeching cuts

At the time of the Domesday book St Michaels church belonged to the nearby Monastery. Later during the reign of Henry the eighth the monastery was dissolved and the local landowner converted some of the buildings into a mansion part of which still exists to the north of the present day church

As recently as 1936 up to 200 of the local inhabitants worked on the estate of the Clinton Devon Estate which was the owner of much of the village

Otterton is only a 21 miles from Lakeview.  And so  Lakeview Manor provides an ideal wedding venue for couples getting married in Devon who live in Otterton. For any couple who are getting married it would be  wise to visit Lakeview Manor and discover the beautiful 45 acres of private parkland and lake. Because of the attractive grounds, building, food and service  Lakeview Manor is widely regarded by many couples getting married near Otterton as the  best wedding venue in Devon  


If you live in Otterton and are planning to get married why not come to Lakeview Manor and visit the restaurant, gardens and lake?  If you wish you may like to phone our  full time  wedding coordinator on 01404 891358 to  find out of what Lakeview can offer you as  wedding venue for your special day..