Wedding Venue in Plymouth

Wedding Venue in Plymouth  in Devon 

Lakeview Manor is an ideal Wedding Venue near Plymouth for couples getting married in Devon . 

Plymouth is a historic city located on the South coast of Devon between the mouths of the river Plym and the Tamar. 

During the industrial revolution Plymouth became a major commercial  trading port exporting the minerals such as tin, arsenic, clay and copper  which were being mined within Devon. At the same time the natural harbour became a major Royal Naval shipyard and ship building centre

The town is still an important Naval base with a Naval history that goes back centuries and an economy which largely based upon maritime industry

The town now has a population of 250,000 people and now has one of the largest Universities in the United Kingdom

There is evidence of very early human settlements in the area which is to be expected as the are would have made an ideal early port. Local caves have revealed artefacts dating back to the Bronze Age  and Iron Age which indicated that from earliest times that Plymouth was an important area of Devon 

Throughout history Plymouth was an area where the families of seafaring men lived and so has many churches and a long history of Naval weddings. Today many inhabitants of Plymouth who are getting married in Devon go to Lakeview Manor in Dunkswell for their wedding venue.  Within easy reach of Plymouth is ideal as a Wedding Venue

Lakeview Manor offers the perfect wedding venue in Devon and is within easy reach of Plymouth, and yet offering a central location which is easy for guests from anywhere within Devon or beyond to reach.


Many couples who are getting married in Devon chose Lakeview Manor if Plymouth is their home.

 Lakeview Manor has the advantage that it has over 45 acres of wonderful private parkland and gardens as well as a fishing lake and so there is plenty of space for wedding guests. Lakeview Manor is renown as  being among the best wedding venues in Devon 

Why not come to Lakeview Manor and visit the restaurant, lakes and gardens. If you wish you may like to phone the dedicated wedding coordinator on 01404 891358 to discover what Lakeview can offer you for your special day.